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Making the commitment to maintain your oral health is one of the best ways to keep smiling for many years to come! At Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs, your experienced prosthodontist offers a wide range of advanced dentistry services, from the most leading-edge implant, restorative, and cosmetic treatments, to the state-of-the-art in preventive and emergency dental care. Encouraging patients to come and benefit from routine visits for preventive care at his conveniently located 33071 dentist office, Dr. Renan Buitrago can help you and your family members establish and maintain optimal oral heath throughout the year.

Your oral care regimen at home is the frontline of defense in the battle against dental disease. Dental plaque—that yellowish, sticky film which covers the teeth after eating or drinking—is filled with microcolonies of harmful bacteria, capable of eroding the enamel and leading to cavities or gum disease. When you visit your 33071 dentist office for a checkup, your dental hygienist will expertly remove any plaque buildup from your mouth, helping to restore the vitality of your smile. Dr. Buitrago will also want to check you make sure that you’re using the best possible techniques for brushing and flossing your teeth. Whether you have crooked teeth, use dental prostheses, or are at increased risk for dental disease, you can expect your dentist to take special care to show you the best methods for maintaining a clean, healthy smile all year round. Dr. Buitrago will also perform a comprehensive oral examination, checking for an expansive range of dental conditions. From the first signs of gum disease and dental decay, to screenings for oral cancer, Dr. B. prefers not to take any chances when it comes to your oral health.

If it’s been six months or longer since you last visited your 33071 dentist office for a checkup, contact the helpful staff at Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs today!

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