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Where can I find a dentist in Coral Springs?

If you’re experiencing dental pain or discomfort, your Coral Springs, FL 33071 dentist would like to help. At Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs, their dentist is highly experienced, and well-versed in diagnosing and treating oral pain. Providing a comprehensive range of dental and cosmetic services, you can trust that you’ll be provided with exceptional all-around care from the moment you enter his office. Committed to providing the compassionate, gentle, and highly skilled treatment you deserve, whether you’re suffering from jaw pain, have damaged a bridge or denture, or have a cavity, Dr. Renan Buitrago, a trained and experienced prosthodontist, is here for you.

33071 dentist

Toothaches can originate from a wide-ranging variety of sources. While, statistically speaking, cavities are the most common cause of toothaches, impacted teeth, infections, TMJ, and of course, dental injuries can all lead to an aching tooth. If it turns out that you do have a cavity, seeing your Coral Springs, FL 33071 dentist as soon as possible is an excellent idea. When left untreated, cavities can deepen over time, exposing the inner tissue of the tooth to irreversible damage and a possible infection. Left untreated, a dental infection can ultimately result in the loss of the affected tooth and even have an effect on your overall well being. Dr. Buitrago provides skilled treatment for cavities to clear away decay and expertly restore your tooth. In cases where decay has compromised the nerve of the tooth, your dentist is fully prepared to provide endodontic care in the form of root canal therapy. After the decay and any dental nerve damage have been addressed, a suitable restoration to rebuild and fortify the tooth will be placed. Using only the highest quality fillings, and custom crowns, artfully matched to the color, shape, and proportions of your natural teeth, your dentist can produce seamless results.

Since oral pain can occur for many reasons, it’s best that you meet with a dental professional as soon as you can to have your symptoms properly diagnosed. To schedule an appointment with an exceptional Coral Springs, FL 33071 dentist, contact Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs today!

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