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Coral Springs dental office

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Where can I find a dental office in Coral Springs?

When it comes to the prevention of dental disease and the consequences to your oral health, Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs is here for you. According to the American Dental Association, while brushing and flossing are both widely acknowledged as essential to dental health, scheduling regular visits to your dentist for preventive care is an integral component of a successful regimen of oral care. When it’s time for your next checkup, Dr. Renan Buitrago invites you and your family to visit his state-of-the-art Coral Springs dental office. Equipped with leading-edge technology and offering the most effective methods of care, you will receive the highest quality of preventive services, as well as skilled and experienced treatment to address a comprehensive range of dental issues. Whatever your dental needs may be, you can rest assured that at Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs you will receive first-rate care.

Coral Springs dental office

When you schedule semi-annual visits at your Coral Springs dental office, you can be certain that your dentist will carefully assess every aspect of your oral health. Providing oral cancer screenings, as well as additional diagnostic films as needed, Dr. Buitrago emphasizes early detection and treatment of oral health issues. Most dental conditions, when caught early on, offer favorable prognoses. Although, the two most common dental issues, dental decay and gum disease, are the primary causes of cavities and tooth loss, they are almost entirely preventable with proper care. Beyond an at-home regiment of brushing and flossing, receiving professional teeth cleanings at Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs helps to ensure that your oral hygiene is in tip top shape.

When you bring your children in for their comprehensive oral exam and teeth cleaning, Dr. Buitrago will keep you well informed about their oral health and development. Providing additional treatments to strengthen and protect their teeth from acid erosion and cavities, your dentist is also an excellent resource should you have any questions or concerns about your young ones’ oral health. To schedule your next appointment with Dr. Buitrago, call his Coral Springs dental office at the number below!

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