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Where Can I Get 33071 Invisalign?

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When you look at your smile, do you see it’s full potential? Your dentist certainly does! At Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs, their experienced prosthodontist is available to bring out the absolute best in your smile. Whether you’re considering orthodontic treatment with 33071 Invisalign, prescription strength teeth whitening, or a complete makeover for your smile, Dr. Renan Buitrago is highly skilled in a sweeping range of advanced dentistry services, and equipped to make the foremost options available for your benefit.

33071 Invisalign

In the digital age of dental technology, 33071 Invisalign has soared in popularity over recent years, owing to its sleek and inconspicuous design. Utilizing the most sophisticated computer imaging techniques, orthodontic treatment has entered a new era that affords an unprecedented level of convenience, comfort, and simplicity. By taking a digitized impression of your mouth, your dentist can not only examine your bite, but simulate and prescribe the most precise course of orthodontic treatment to naturally align your smile. With 33071 Invisalign, every course of treatment is totally unique, carefully tailored to your specific orthodontic needs. Once digitally modeled, your orthodontic aligners are fabricated from the highest grade BPA-free polyurethane resins. Smooth to the touch, and sleekly contoured to every crest and crevice of your smile, each set of aligners constitutes a phase of your orthodontic treatment, to be carried out in successive stages. By the end of the aligner series, your teeth are ushered into their final desired positions, for a healthy, well aligned smile!

Not only is treatment with 33071 Invisalign virtually invisible—it’s also completely removeable for short periods! From maintaining your professional appearance on the job or in class, to continuing to enjoy that delicious slice of pizza, Invisalign makes orthodontic treatment easier on you!

To learn more about how orthodontic treatment with 33071 Invisalign can help bring out the full potential of your smile, contact your experienced prosthodontist at Advanced Dentistry of Coral Springs today!


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